Aurrora is an international brand and creative studio, established in early 2018. We are an in-house company that uses Minecraft as our tool to create, entertain and inspire. We develop unique and innovative in-house products, useful tools for developers and players, and bespoke, hand-crafted projects for a diverse range of collaborators and clients.

In 2019 we became official Minecraft partners with Microsoft, which allows us to publish fun and creative content on the Minecraft Marketplace. You can find our full catalog of in-house content by clicking the Games tab!

Our Logo

Created from real aurora borealis shapes, our logo beautifully expresses our core nature, qualities, and values as a dynamic brand and creative studio.

The waves and curvature of our logo represent our workflow being fluid, flexible & free, continually flowing from project to project, client to client, and industry to industry.

Always in our flow state, creating quality products that bring positivity, satisfaction, and always keeping the good vibes flowing. Also shaped as an A for reasons we hope we don’t have to explain…

The Aurrora logo is a registered trademark of Aurrora Limited.

Meet the Team


Technical Lead

Louis Bezanson


Managing Director

Devin Geeding

“Always Decent”

Architectural Manager

There are many more amazing people a part of our ever-growing team. Aurrora consists of over 30 creative individuals from all around the world, dedicated to bringing you quality products and hours of entertainment!

If you’d like to get in touch or find out more, head over to our contact page.



Farm Racers by 57Digital Minecraft Marketplace

Farm Racers

For 57Digital

Lumbar Yard Aurrora Minecon Live Minecraft timelapse

Lumber Yard

For Minecon Live

Papercraft Adventure by Jigarbov Productions

Papercraft Adventure

For Jigarbov Productions