We offer a wide range of in-house services such as level design, texture art, 3D models, mechanics, and everything in-between! Whether clients need us for a single area of development, or to collaborate on many areas of a project, we are more than happy to help where we can!

Aurrora has now been working with clients and collaborators for over 3 years, below is a brief showcase of our most staple and popular projects.


Here is a selection of our favorite builds we have created in-house!

Handcrafted and built on the bedrock edition of Minecraft. When it comes to level design, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Whether we are working with a client or developing our next in house project, we always strive for the highest quality and detail we can achieve in the desired timeframe.

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Here is a small selection of our favorite models we have created in-house!

Some of these models are for our games on the Minecraft Marketplace, and others are bespoke creations made for clients and collaborators.

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