Lumber Yard

Minecon LiveSeptember 28th 2019



The Brief

Create a scene to showcase building & level design on Xbox, showing the possibilities of using any platform to create quality content for the Minecraft Marketplace. Inspiring others by showing you are not limited by your platform to develop amazing content.

The Outcome

We created a realistic lumber yard on a rocky mountainside. This scene was created in 3 hours, entirely by hand, on Xbox, by five builders. The creation of this build was timelapsed by the one and only Jigarbov to be showcased, alongside the unique art classroom we created for his popular Papercraft Adventure map, during the How We Craft pannel at Minecon Live 2019.


Project ManagersPijnBansheeez

Level DesignersBansheeezAlways DecentSnululiniPijnA Blue Bird

Render ArtistOmardegante

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