Rescue Mission: Shipwreck

Jigarbov Productions

July 20th 2021



The Brief

Jigarbov Productions asked us to create a dynamic water scene for the sequel of his Mission Rescue series. Requested specifications included a whirlpool, an octopus, an island, rafts, and boats gradually increasing in size for a unique parkour, and gameplay experience.

The Outcome

We created a small, luscious island with a lighthouse, a large whirlpool consuming 2 of the 7 boats we built varying in size, along with 5 rafts meticulously placed between the whirlpool and the island. To tie everything together we built a beautifully menacing octopus, adding destruction, dynamics, and chaos to the level for that unique player experience Jigarbov was looking for, because who doesn't love a giant killer octopus right?


Project Manager


Level Designers

Always Decent


A Blue Bird

Render Artist


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