Jigarbov Productions

August 28th 2018



The Brief

We where asked by Jigarbov Productions to create a fully detailed, large-scale art classroom interior, with 12 unique and playable dioramas, that have a clear contrast of quality between each of the “students” that created them, spread across 6 tables, for his next adventure map on the Minecraft Marketplace.

The Outcome

We created a 500×500 large-scale art classroom, filled with many themed details to give the room that signature classroom feel that we all know and secretly miss, including the 12 unique, fully detailed, and interiored dioramas, to serve as the main gameplay areas of the map. Extra details you can find throughout the map are, every single draw and cupboard are fully interiored, a fully detailed and playable fish tank and an ant farm, wall paintings alluding to previous Jigarbov content, along with so much more you’ll have to spot for yourself!


Project ManagerPijn

Level DesignersPijnKooshUndisputedEVO

Render ArtistFixyMPC

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